What is Fashion illustration and why learn it?

July 23, 2015
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Fashion illustration is communication between the designer and the design team, which includes pattern makers, sample sewers, fabric and trim buyers, production engineers, marketers and management.

One of the most classic jobs for fashion designers is in the sketching of concepts that have not yet been realised. When developing a new line, they rely on their fashion illustration skills to bring their ideas to life.

Fashion designers learn a stylised drawing that communicates proportion silhouette and internal design details. Having a good sense of color, shape, and image dynamics is also important in fashion illustration, whether working on a sketch pad or using CAD programs. Designers also learn a stylised fashion figure to show design ideas to best advantage. The ability to render and communicate an idea quickly and creatively allows a designer to direct a team that stays true to their vision.

Fashion drawing uses different media but the media we favour are pencil, markers and water colours. Technical skills in drawing and painting are also critical in fashion illustration. It is necessary to be able to capture the spirit of a design along with its precise lines, look, and dimension, and to be able to play with proportion and other aspects of art in order to achieve a desired look.