Private Tuition & Small Group Sewing Lessons


Private Tuition & Small Group Sewing Lessons

Private tuition is available for individuals or groups interested in a program or information tailored to their needs. A private program can be arranged for groups of 3 or more students and may include programs:

  • To introduce high school students to sewing skills in the holidays
  • Explore specific sewing and fitting techniques for a sewing group
  • Any of the program information covered by our other courses

Private Tuition is available for individuals for:

  • Pattern Making
  • Dressmaking
  • Troubleshooting for complex projects
  • Sewing skills
  • Fashion business studies 

…and many more subjects.

Cost per hour starts at $110 and depends on the tutor engaged and the number of students in the private class.

For more information on this course, please contact our college.