HSC Mentoring: what is the right age to enrol for classes?

May 24, 2016
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Young students who are thinking of a career in fashion – and their parents – often ask us what is the best age to start their HSC Mentoring program. We would usually recommend that they enrol in Year 10, but based on our latest experiences with high school students, we can easily say that anytime from Year 8 is good.


* Many parents of today’s students learnt how to sew at home with their mothers, but this is not so much the case anymore. Most students need to learn the very basics of sewing and machine use with us.

* Sewing and pattern design are crafts that, like most disciplines, require practice and experience to perfect. With an attendance pattern of half to one day a week, students need to allow a few terms to acquire and hone their new skills.

* Our students often want to complete advanced and intricate work for their HSC project and they need to balance the time frame the school places on their work and the complexity of what they want to achieve. Starting early allows students to practice when they have more time available and take some of the pressure off in the last years of school.

* Design degrees don’t often include advanced sewing classes and our training provides an excellent grounding for students who want to progress to design degrees in later life.

Click here for more information on the available modules for our HSC Tutoring Courses. We also invite students and parents to contact our college and organise a complimentary appointment with our Principal Gaylene McCaw to discuss individual requirements.