Flat Patternmaking for Eveningwear

Flat Patternmaking for Eveningwear

Term 2 – 23 April to 7 July 2018
Term 3 – 16 July to 29 September 2018
Term 4 – 8 October to 22 December 2018

Mid-term enrolments may be available. Please contact the college for further information.

Course Session Times

Day – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays

Evening – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

The courses run over four terms a year each of 11 weeks. Full-time students attend three days per week for 7 tuition hours a day from 8.30am to 4pm. Part-time students may attend for 3.5, 7, 10.5, 14 or 17.5 hours per week during the term. The program may extend over a number of terms depending on the content and attendance.

Course Summary

Evening wear involves advanced pattern making and construction skills. This course is part of our professional programme and is taught after you have acquired basic pattern making and construction skills.

If you are a beginner, you need to allow time to complete the basic skill set before you commence evening wear. The basic skill set includes pattern making and construction for skirts, bodices, contouring for strapless garments, collars, necklines and sleeves.  If you are an advanced sewer, you can expect the course to be completed at a faster rate but it may still take a number of terms to acquire the basic flat pattern making skills to design and construct evening wear.

For very advanced sewers, we recommend flat pattern making used with draped pattern making skills. Please view our Draped Pattern Making course for more information.

This course will revise basic blocks and corsetry for students and then move to draping, flat pattern making and construction techniques for evening wear. 

Course Content

The recommended course may include:

  • Flat pattern making of a basic block for a skirt to individual measurements and figure types.
  • Skirt design variations including pleating, circle skirts, flaring, panel skirts, gathering and variations applied to evening wear.
  • Flat pattern making a basic bodice block to individual measurements and figure variations.
  • Dresses and evening wear bodice variations including contouring for strapless fitting, necklines and dart manipulation, gathering, and pleating
  • Flat pattern making for necklines and collars
  • Sewing techniques for hems, necklines, lace applique, pattern matching and handling evening fabrics
  • Flat drawing skills so design ideas can be accurately rendered
  • Customer documentation for evening wear and bridal orders and contracts.


Skill level

The course assumes pattern making experience and some sewing experience. Students without this experience may take a basic course that only includes the skills needed for the evening wear to fast track their entry into this course. There is a maximum of 8 students per teacher, so all students have the opportunity to receive individual attention and progress at their own pace.

Course Fees

$770 (3.5 hours per week for 11 weeks = 38.5 hours of tuition)
$1,540 (7 hours per week for 11 weeks = 77 hours of tuition)
$2,310 (10.5 hours per week for 11 weeks = 115.5 hours of tuition)
$3,080 (14 hours per week for 11 weeks = 154 hours of tuition)
$3,850 (17.5 hours per week for 11 weeks = 192.5 hours of tuition)

For more information on this course, please contact our college.