Stylecad & Illustration Courses

modern fashion designer sketching using laptop computer


StyleCAD is a fashion illustration and pattern making software used by the fashion industry to computerise pattern making. The program is used to create and grade a pattern, which involves adjusting the design to include all size ranges and finally make a marker, which is a layout of the pattern as it will be cut in fabric. Once a style is finalised, the graded pattern may be sent to an outside manufacturer for completion of the garment.

The StyleCAD courses available at our Sydney college suit students who wish to enter the fashion illustration and design profession or are looking into starting their own business. During these courses, students will be first taught the fundamentals of pattern making using both flat and draped manual pattern making techniques. Once they have a firm grounding, they can progress to learning to digitise, create, alter, grade and make markers for their patterns using StyleCAD.  The commercial StyleCAD software is priced competitively so as to be attractive and affordable for small-scale businesses.

At our Sydney college, students in this course will learn to complete fashion illustration specifications for garments, digitise patterns, produce a block, alter patterns using StyleCAD tools, grade patterns and produce markers. StyleCAD uses internationally recognized file formats so that designs can be sent to overseas manufacturers.

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