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in2Mode College in Sydney is a platinum industry partner of the Australian Sewing Guild Inc. and supports the Guild’s vision of “sharing and furthering the art of sewing”. As a premier provider of sewing lessons and dressmaking courses in Sydney, our students learn advanced sewing techniques using commercial garment patterns. In addition, Guild members receive 15% discount on pattern making equipment purchased from the college while attending a course.

We offer beginner sewing courses, dressmaking and pattern making workshops in conjunction with Macquarie Community College in Sydney. Our sewing classes and workshops are aimed at enthusiasts who want to learn to use their sewing machines to full potential, or learn techniques to complete quality, professional-looking garments using commercial patterns. We have introductory courses designed for beginner or intermediate sewers and a more advanced course aimed at experienced sewers allowing students to confidently achieve professional dressmaking finishes to their projects.

At our sewing classes in Sydney, students will fine-tune the art of constructing your garments using couture techniques. Learn to sew under the closer supervision of our experienced instructors and harness your passion for dressmaking at in2Mode’s sewing school.

What skills will I learn in the sewing lessons?

At our sewing classes in Sydney, students will fine-tune the art of constructing garments using couture techniques. They will learn to sew under the supervision of our experienced instructors and to harness a passion for dressmaking at in2Mode’s sewing school.

Bespoke Tailoring Classes

This year the college is offering a sewing class in Sydney North to make bespoke tailored jackets or trousers. The course will teach you to fit a pattern and create the finishes used by bespoke tailors.

Using industry-standard techniques and equipment, you will learn to create a quality tailored garment. Your skills will provide the basis for creating further clothing and patterns, all in a collaborative group-based setting.

Create a Personal Dress Form

In 2017, the college is offering a new course that will enable students to create a personal dress form. They will make a contour fitting bodice for themselves and use the bodice to accurately pad an existing dummy to their measurements and body shape. Please contact the college for more information on this course.

Our sewing students have an advantage over their competition

Our tailoring course, dressmaking course and sewing class in Sydney give students an edge as they have the benefit of receiving tuition from a fashion design professional who has worked in the industry. Tutors can advise students on fabric and style selection to suit their individual body type. For those wanting to create a wardrobe for themselves, we recommend the short pattern making course offered at our Sydney college. These classes include more complex techniques for students who would like to design their own garments.

Dressmaking and tailoring courses and workshops can be arranged for groups who would like to learn particular skills. Please contact us for more information.



Courses Offered Hours Cost
Sew and Fit a Bespoke Jacket for Men or Women 38.5 $770 + Kit TBA*
Sew and Fit Bespoke Pants for Women or Trousers for Men 38.5 $770+ Kit TBA*
Dressmaking for Quality Fit and Finish (Basic Garments) 20 $360
Dressmaking for Quality Fit and Finish (Intermediate Garments) 20 $360
Taming Your Overlocker 10 $210
HSC Textile & Design Major Work Workshop 30 $750
Stretch Sewing – Complete a T-shirt or casual knit top for a women’s, men’s or children’s garment 15 $270
Create a Personal Dress Form 35 – 38.5 $750 – $770

* The fee given is for one term; it may take a student more than one term to complete a jacket.