Jacket line art

Course dates

Sessions are run on Wednesday Evenings – 6pm to 9.30pm.

Students should allow at least two terms to complete the jacket. Students should also consider taking the Bespoke Pants Course before attempting the jacket.

Term 1 – 30 January – 15 April 2017

Term 2 – 18 April – 1 July 2017

Term 3 – 17 July – 30 September 2017

Term 4 – 3 October – 16 December 2017

Course summary

Students will craft a bespoke jacket, using traditional hand techniques to create a beautifully fitted garment made to each student’s measurements.

At the end of the course, each student will get to keep their own bespoke jacket and pattern (*), which can be used to make further jackets.

The course will concentrate on a classic jacket pattern. It involves hand construction techniques, fitting of the jacket on the individual at various construction stages, and changes to the pattern as a result of the fitting process.

Basic sewing skills are needed but no knowledge of pattern making is required. Students will receive a pattern and will be shown how to amend the pattern for their personal fit.

(*) Please note that it may require more than one term to finish a bespoke jacket, this depends on the ability and application of each student.  Sewers should be at an intermediate level to obtain the most benefit from the course.   Students who wish to take more time to complete a jacket may continue the course in the following term.

Course Subjects

  • Body and posture measurements and how to take them.
  • Manipulation of classic jacket pattern to body measurement and posture using a calico fitting shell.
  • Analysis of the features of a well fitted and constructed jacket.
  • Construction and basting of the jacket to skeleton (first) fitting.
  • Analyse first fitting on the body for balance issues and mark any changes.
  • Rip jacket down to individual pattern and remark any changes on paper pattern and fabric.
  • Construct jacket to forward (second) fitting.
  • Analyse second fitting on body for fit, style issues and student’s design wishes.
  • Remark any changes on paper pattern and alter jacket to changes from second fitting.
  • Third fitting, final check to see if fit and silhouette of jacket is satisfactory to student, minor changes if necessary.
  • Hand finish jacket, which includes hand top stitching, lining felling, button holes and final pressing.

Course duration

38.5 hours

Course cost

Tuition Fee: $770 per term

Kit Fee: TBA

The kit includes a tailor’s ham, tape measure, chalk, tailor’s needle, tailor’s thimble, seam ripper, pocket fabric, lining, canvas, melton (premade collar), button hole silk and shoulder pads. Students only buy the equipment they require.

Fabric & Matching Cotton: Available for order through the college.

The quality of fabric is paramount for a good finish. Italian wool fabric samples will be provided on the first evening and the quality and weight of fabric required will be discussed.  Students should allow for the cost of approximately 2.2 metres of quality wool fabric. An order will be placed for students wishing to purchase fabric through the college.  Students are advised not to purchase fabric until after attending the first class.